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    One official photocopy of the highest diploma and its English translation should be submitted for applying to the master program. The official photocopies must bear the original seal/stamp of the issuing institution. Photocopy of diploma without original seal is not accepted for further processing.

Academic Records

   One original transcript of academic records in English, which should bear the official seal of the school attended. If the official academic records are not in English, an English translation, together with the original, is acceptable. (Note: Diplomas, academic records and respectives english translations must be authenticated by consular service of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. Click here to find the nearest Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.)

Study Plan

    Please describre precisely and briefly what you want to study. This statement will help us to match your interests with those of our faculty.

Letter of Recommendation

    Two letters of recommendation signed by the issuers.

Certificate of English proficiency test

    All international applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in the english language. For applicants in regions where the TOEFL iBT is not available, Taiwan Tech will accept scores for the paper-based test (PBT). Please, send your TOEFL score along with all others required documents. For further more information, consult the TOEFL website.

Health Certificate

    A Health Certificate from a hospital within the past 3 months. Items required for E-7 health certificate may be downloaded here.

    This health certificate may also be submitted after receiving admission notice. However, it should be sent to NTUST no later than designated deadline indicated on the admission notices; otherwise, their admissions will be cancelled.

Financial Statement

    One financial statement in English showing sufficient funds to cover applicant’s study in Taiwan (current Taiwan scholarship recipient should submit photocopy of Taiwan scholarship award certificate).

Taiwan arrival and departure

    The following applicant should submit this certificate:

a) An individual who has a nationality status from the Republic of China at the time of their birth but does not hold a household registration E-6
b) An individual who has had nationality status from the Republic of China but has no R.O.C. nationality at the time of their application shall have an annulled status regarding their R.O.C. nationality for no less than 8 years
c) An individual who has nationalities of foreign country and Hong Kong or Macau, but has never made domestic household registration in Taiwan since birth.
d) An individual who has nationality of foreign country and used to hold nationality of the People's Republic of China, but has never made domestic household registration in Taiwan since birth.

    For more details, please contact the Section of Graduate Studies, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Applicant belong to the above categories who fail to submit this certificate will be deemed as not qualified. His/her application will not be proceeded.


a) Please do not just send the photocopies of all required documents. Or your application documents will be deemed as “Not Received”.
b) Once admitted, the diploma, transcript, financial statement all must be authenticated by the Taiwan's overseas representative office in the region or country of the institution.

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