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Scholarship & Financial Assistance

NTUST Scholarship

    For International students who hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees from universities applying for admission to our graduate programs as full-time students.

Taiwan Scholarship

    For outstanding international students (with the exception of students from the Mainland Area, Hong Kong, and Macau) to undertake degree studies in Taiwan.

Financial Aid

    For full-time undergraduate or graduate international students at NTUST who completed the previous semester with good academic results.

NTUST Scholarship for Continuing International Ph.D. Students

    For Ph.D. students at the beginning of their 4th year of doctoral study at NTUST, and Master students admitted to a fast- track PhD programs.

Intercollegiate International Dual Doctoral Degree Scholarship Program

    For Ph.D students enrolled in NTUST College of Engineering / College of Applied Sciences or Ming Chi University of Technology, Ph.D. Program of Energy and Battery Technology.

Taiwan Experience Education Programs(TEEP)

    For applicants of the Laboratory Internship at NTUST who were invited by NTUST professors to join TEEP.

    For more details, please contact the Office of International Affairs.

  • Po-Ju Chen (Mr.)
  • +886-2-2737 6933
  • pjc@mail.ntust.edu.tw

  • Lily Lin (Ms.)
  • +886-2-2730 3201
  • Ting322@mail.ntust.edu.tw