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Our Mission


Mission Statement

    With the industrial updating and transition from labor-intensive to capital-technology-intensive hi-tech industry featuring high added value and system integration in Taiwan, the engineering professionals are indispensable elements in this industry. So, the focus of this school is on intelligent control theory and application and OME system integration and application, both of which are closely related as the key technologies in hi-tech industry. In line with the government policy of giving an impetus to industrial development, this school attempts to implement relevant courses helpful to cultivate competitive professionals in the field of automation and control, and facilitate the industrial updating.

  • Strengthen the courses in integrating theories and practice.
  • Expand characteristic teaching and research facilities.
  • Enhance industry-academia cooperation and the research projects of National Science Council.
  • Establish a world-known reputation, including: increase in the enrollment of foreign students, addition of English courses, enhancement of international academic communication and cooperation, etc.
  • Enhance comprehensive study in collaboration with other departments.

Future Development Plan

    The graduates from this school have many job opportunities, and most of them work in hi-tech companies or research agencies with channels for further promotion. This school was restructured as Graduate School of Automation and Control since 2003, where in general Ph.D. students are included in the enrollment plan, and teh teaching and research equipments, and environment are under the planning and development os outlined below:

Strength the team of teaching staff:

The teaching strength of existing teaching staff available from the graduate school is close to its full capacity, so full-time/part-time teachers specialized in automation and control will be employed.

Enchance integrated practical courses:

By integration of the teaching and research equipments, the students and teachers are geared towards integrated teaching and research in tune with industrial development in Taiwan, meanwhile some efforts are made in the introduction of practical courses in order to train the students's employablility as a feature of the courses.

Expand teaching and research equipments:

Based on available teaching and research equipments, the existing and perpheral equipments are updated and expanded to improve the quality of teaching and research, and to cope with the industrial development and teaching research in Taiwan.

Promote cooperation of industry and academia:

In addition to the research projects organized by National Science Council and the Ministry of Education, the research staff available will be poised to promote cooperation of industry and academia based on existing equipments.

Educational Objetives

educational objectives