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Opto-Mechatronics Laboratory

Location T1-202 Tel: +886-2-2737-7095
Teacher M. J. Tsai Person in charge Yu-Chih Hsiao
Laboratory Introduction

The main research focus on System Integration of automatic elements (Controller, Actuator, Mechanism, and Sensor) toward an automated system. The characteristics and interface integration of PLC/PC based controller, Motor/Pneumatics actuators, industrial sensors, optical inspection module/ systems are investigated. Additionally, some studies include applications of intelligent theories which are also studied for optimal processing, and include applications of intelligent manufacture technique development as well.

Research projects
Project Title Project Timeline
3D Printing Technologies Based on Embedded Graphene Wire and Multi-Material Polymer Carrier with Electrical Properties, and Applications in Force-Sensing Intelligent Soft Mechanisms. 107/08/01~110/07/31
Research equipment
Integrated Mechatronics system (1) 1
Integrated Mechatronics system (2) 2
Integrated PLC Training Platform(Facon) 3
Multi-function power system (Keithley 2400) 4
Display Color Analyzer (CA210-S) 5
Digital storage oscilloscope(GDS 2204) 6
Solar cell EL inspection module (Prog Res IR ccd ) jasi-9.jpg
Visual system with multi-axial control platform & rotary table (Yu-yen autolab) jasi-10.jpg
Microscope-based CCD inspection system (Nikon Eclipse L200) jasi-11.jpg