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Optical Nano-Micro Sensor Laboratory

Location T1-102 Tel: +886-2-2730-7929
Teacher Cheng-Hao Ko Person in charge Lin Yu Che
Research directions

Nano-Micro Sensing Technology is becoming the most widely deployed technology in all fields, from biomedical, national defense to space industry. It shows great potential not only in commercial products, but also in improving the welfare of human beings.
We are dedicated to the development of the most advanced nano-micro automatic sensing and control technology.

Micro-Grating Optical System
Micro and Nano Scale Opto-Electro-Mechano System Development and Integration
MicroSpectral Sensing Technology
Automatic Spectral Detection System
MicroSpectrometer System Control
HyperSpectral Detection Technology
Photonic Crystal Beam Control Technology

Lab Expertise

Micro-Spectrometer and Micro-Grating
Nano-MEMS System Design and Development
Nano-MEMS Optical Sensing Technology
Nano X-ray SpectroMicroscopy and Tomography
Nano Photonic Optical System Design
Nano & Micro Actuation System Design
Automation & Control System for Scientific Instrument
Synchrotron Radiation-Based Measurement Technology
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) Nano Sensing Technology
Ultra-High Vacuum System Design

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