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Embedded Systems Laboratory

Location IB-811 Tel: +886-2-2730-7927
Teacher C. H. Yang Person in charge Chen You Jhong
Research directions

Chaotic signals are of particular interest and importance in experimental physics because of the wide range of physical processes that apparently give rise to chaotic behavior. From the point of view of signal processing, the detection, analysis, and characterization of signals of this type present a significant challenge. In addition, chaotic systems provide a potentially rich mechanism for signal design and generation for a variety of communications and remote sensing applications.

Research projects
Project Title

Chaotic Dynamics and Generalized Chaos Synchronization of the Four Dimensional Chen – Lee system


A new four dimensional chaotic system is presented in this study by adding one more feedback control equation to the Chen – Lee system which is discovered by Chen and Lee in 2004. We use an innovative technique to present the 3-dimensional phase portraits and its projection simultaneously in order to have a better understanding of the four dimensional Chen –Lee system. A more complicated four dimensional Chen – Lee system with uncertain chaotic parameter is proposed.


Figure 1. Bifurcation diagram with phase portraits slice on = 2.30, = 2.65, = 3.01 and a = 3.40 of the four dimensional Chen – Lee system.

Figure 2. Circuit configuration of the four dimensional Chen – Lee system
Research equipment
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Spectrum Analyzer (GSP-810) Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (TDS-2014B)
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Electrostatic sensitive connectors DSP